The Baroque and Romantic eras of history were intense and theatrical. Sandwiched between the two was the Rococo period. It provided a dash of light-hearted relief from the heavy emotion of its predecessor, thought to have been connected to the dominating power of King Louis XIV. This supremacy led to France becoming a superpower in Europe and the country’s prosperity was played out in its façade: rich colours, imposing art and gold gilt. 

The name Rococo is said to be derived from two words: the French rocaille, connected to designs involving shells, and the Italia barocco, meaning Baroque. It was popular between around 1730 and 1770 during the reign of Louis XV.

Rococo chair

The most endearing characteristic of Rococo style is the natural motifs, such as shells, rolling waves and eroded rocks.

Endearing Characteristics

The most endearing characteristic of Rococo style is the natural motifs, such as shells, rolling waves and eroded rocks. Rococo was very much the craftsman’s style, which is the reason behind all the beautifully hand-worked decoration. Asymmetry is another feature, with one half of a design not matching the other. You’ll also find S and C shaped scrolling, all part of the flowing lines of the styling.

The acanthus leaf is something else you’ll find in Rococo design, albeit in a stylised version that is more fanciful than its natural counterpart.

French Rococo bedrooms were a haven of soothing luxuriousness. A world apart from the preceding Louis XIV bedrooms that were lavishly laden with dramatic trimmings, these boudoirs would flow with a sense of calm.

Going for the Rococo Look

If you’re going for the Rococo look, then think frilly carved wood, black painted bedsteads or white with daring black linens. It really is all about the fine detail and the handmade craftsmanship that gives you that feeling of sheer indulgence.

Rococo bedroom

Swirling curves and carved out shells and rocks head the Rococo style and its smooth supple lines are particularly appealing.

French Rococo beds are wondrous pieces of furniture. Some people choose to complement with matching Rococo bedroom furniture: bedsides, armoires and drawer chests with their shapely legs, hand carved fronts and beautiful brass handles. Others make their Louis XV bed the focal centrepiece, and then contrast the whole look with modern pieces throughout the rest of the room. This serves to really make the bed stand out.

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