If you furnish your home with silver leaf furniture, you really want it to be the star of the show. That means choosing a colour palette for your walls that complements the furniture and allows it to become a focal point of the room.

So should you go for more shimmering silvers or mix it up with some colour thrown in? Just think carefully about the overall look you’re trying to achieve and it’s easy to let that silver leaf furniture shine!

Going for Grey

The most obvious choice of colour palette for silver leaf furniture is grey, grey and more grey. It’s so on trend at the moment to go for all out grey, painting walls in tone on tone shades of taupe, pewter and stone.

Choose one main colour for your walls and then pick different shades of grey for accessories. A crushed velvet silver sofa or Chesterfield will work perfectly in this environment; just imagine it then teamed with a silver leaf mirror or coffee table which your eye will instantly be drawn towards!

Silver settee

Fantastic Features

The trend for coloured feature walls is still going strong and it’s a great way of focusing the eye towards a certain part of the room. And if that certain part of a room just happens to frame a certain piece of silver leaf furniture, then so much the better!

It’s an idea to mix your feature wall colour with a soft grey throughout the rest of the room. Indeed, the feature wall could be painted in a tone of grey itself for a subtle, classy look.

To make a grey feature wall stand out, choose a grey tone which has a hint of another colour within it, such as a soft blue hued grey or a warm baby pink shade. You’ll find an array of these types of grey with all manner of weird and wonderful names in every decorating store.

If you fancy something a bit bolder, then choose a completely different feature wall colour. Opt for regal purple or striking teal, for example. Any silver leaf drawers or winged chairs will look striking in front of these colours!

intrieur maison salon avec canap d'angle

Wonderful Wallpaper

A feature wall doesn’t necessarily have to be painted. The many fabulous wallpapers on the market today mean that if you would like to create interest within a room there are a variety of patterns that you can choose from. Opt for wallpaper with a dark shade of grey within it to contrast against the silver leaf furniture.

However you decide to decorate remember to choose wall colours which won’t overpower the beauty of the furniture itself. The furniture should do the talking, so let it shine!

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