Velvet sofas and Chesterfield couches look fabulous in any home. But a velvet sofa covered in stains doesn’t quite make the grade. So how best to clean your sofa? After all, many homeowners aren’t sure of the correct way of doing so, and incorrect cleaning can cause more problems than you started with.

Having said that, once you know how to clean your velvet sofa, it’s easy to look after. Here’s what you need to know:

Upholstery Cleaner

Stains can be removed from velvet sofas using certain upholstery cleaners. Choose a non-solvent upholstery shampoo and carry out a patch test on a discreet area which isn’t immediately visible, just in case of discoloration or shrinkage.

Once you’re satisfied that the product is suitable for use on your sofa or chair, use a soft brush and apply the product to your sofa in the direction of the nap (i.e. in the direction that the hairs of the fabric naturally lie). Once dry, vacuum the area.

There are numerous ways to clean a velvet sofa: just make sure the method you choose is the right one!

There are numerous ways to clean a velvet sofa: just make sure the method you choose is the right one!

Wet Method Cleaning

If you don’t have any upholstery cleaner to hand, mix dishwashing detergent with water and agitate vigorously until the soap froths up. Once there is a good head of suds, use just the frothy bubbles – not the water underneath – and apply the suds to the stained area using a soft cloth.

Blot the stain until it begins to fade, then blot the residue of the suds with a clean cloth. Leave to dry completely, or use a hairdryer or fan to speed up the drying process.

Dry Method Cleaning

If you own a velvet sofa, you may wish to invest in some dry cleaning detergent, as this is a good method of removing stains. If the fabric is wet, apply a paper towel to remove any excess liquid.

Apply dry cleaning detergent to a sponge, and blot the stain repeatedly, letting the detergent dry on the stain; use a fan or hairdryer to dry the area as quickly as possible. If the fabric appears slightly matted, use a brush to remove any tangles, following the direction of the nap.

General Maintenance for Velvet Sofas

If you do own a velvet sofa, some simple care will help it to always look stylish. For example, pet lovers should try to keep their animals off of their upholstery wherever possible and lightly vacuum or brush it regularly to remove the build-up of pet hairs and general dirt in the fibres.

It’s also a good idea to find out exactly what fabric your velvet sofa is made from – normally either silk or cotton, but sometimes polyester or nylon – so that you can best care for it. Check the care label on the back of the cushions or the sofa itself.

There’s no reason that with a little bit of TLC your velvet sofa won’t remain looking its beautiful best. If you’d like inspiration on how a velvet sofa could work in your home, why not check out Casa Unique